Article: Nightwatch - Step Into The Sexy Subterranean World Of ‘One Way

Author: Audarshia Townsend

Reference: October 2, 1998



It’s all about S-E-X at One Way, the Thursday night hot spot behind Stardust.


From the moment patrons cross the threshold right past the big white arrow pointing the way to the party, they find themselves drenched in decadence.  The pathway leading down to the seductive subterranean world is spotted with faux leopard prints, and the glow from the candles woos patrons down the stairs.  The spacious, dark room is filled with incredible sexy people, most how look like they’ve sprung right off the covers of swimsuit and fashion magazines.


But the real sexiness is the aura surrounding the black-clad man in the deejay booth.  Head tilted, eyes closed and a cigarette dangling from his lips, Mark Grant caresses the record he’s about to put on as though it’s a long-lost lover.  His sensuous, underground dance music is what gets these beautiful people off their pretty little feet and onto the dance floor.


No matter what he spins – whether it’s a spicy Latin jazzy joint, an old-school soul classic or an arrogant acid jazz bite – he manages to keep the dance floor packed until the end of the night.


Unlike most deejays, who give patrons about a two-minute listen to a song before spinning in the next tune, Grant allows his crowd to savor the flavor, and will play a song in its entirety –sometimes up to 10 minutes.  Then he puts his own spin on the groove, working it with his magic fingers.


As the night goes on, each song he puts on is about getting it on, and the dance floor becomes a sea of sweaty, gyrating bodies.