Article: Best of 2000 Club DJ Ė Mark Grant

Author: Kelly McKinnell

Reference: 2000  


The Verdict

A smooth mixing of jazz, funk and soul-filled beats keeps this house DJ in high demand.


The Skinny

Mark Grantís performances rely primarily on feedback from his audiences, a trait that has made him a superstar DJ and producer.  He is successful on the local, national and global levels.


Grant keeps Chicago grooving with several gigs on the club scene including Zentra on Thursdays, Mad Bar on Fridays and Red Dog on Mondays.  Mesmerized by this deep house magician, club kids canít help but dance to his skillful precision mixing and unique blend of tracks.


The Crowd

Although Grant stands out in the Chicago house scene, he can be compared to DJs Lego and Derek Carter for his deep bass scales and mix of vocals.