Publication: UR Chicago

Article: A Brief Introduction To DJ Mark Grant

Author: Chris Rudnick

Reference: Vol. 4 Issue 5 / May 14 June 11, 2001 / Page 39



HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SPINNING? 18yrs AT WHAT MOMENT DID YOU KNOW YOU HAD TO BE A DJ? At 12-years-old listening to my brother's friend mix tape. I was hooked after that tape. I begged my Mom for some turntables and a mixer, which came in installments. Mixer for birthday; (June 1) and turntables at Christmas and I'm still hooked.


WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU? You can find me deejaying Monday night at Red Dog and around the world via my website (


CURRENT PROJECT Sound Design II continuous mix CD on OM Records and productions on my new label Blackstone Recordings.


FUTURE GOALS To remain happy, successful and content in my career and personality.


DESCRIBE YOUR SOUNDS IN TEN WORDS OR LESS WITHOUT USING THE WORDS `' HOUSE, DANCE, TECHNO, TRANCE OR PROGRESSIVE My music consists of tensions and releases creating a balance. For each emotion the music gives, there is the opposite emotion also creating the balance. A little weird, but true.


WHY IS CHICAGO HOME? I know it. I live it. I love it. It's my roots.


WHAT PIECES OF VINYL CAN'T YOU LIVE WITHOUT? All of them. It's like a DJ set. It not about one record. Its about how all those records were put together. I can't live without any of them.


WHERE DO YOU GO CLUBBING WHEN NOT BEHIND THE 1S AND 2S? I don't go clubbing very much when I'm not spinning, but I get a chance to check out other DJs when we are on the same bill. The funny thing is, I hear more Chicago DJs out of Chicago then in Chicago.


FAVORITE POST-CLUB GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCE Does this mean eating experience after the club? I don't have time to look up gastronomic in the dictionary, but Subway is usually my spot. Flash Taco across the street from Red Dog is a no no.


FUNNIEST CLUB STORY I can't think of one in particular, but funny stuff happens just about every night at clubs.




WHAT LOCAL ARTISTS DESERVE OUR LOVE? Every local house artist deserves love. Even the ones who aren't local artist anymore. I mean everyone. In particular, Andre Harris, Frique, 3 Degrees, Kenny Carvajal.


WHO IS YOUR MUSICAL HERO? The supporters of my music.


WORST PART OF BEING A DJ? None, compared to other careers I could have gotten into.


BEST PERK OF BEING A DJ? Touching peoples emotions in a positive way.  UPCOMING PERFORMANCES I'm off to play in Istanbul, Turkey right after this interview. I'll make it back to play Monday @ Red Dog and in the next two months I'll play some dates in San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta, New York and a couple of more in the works. After these dates the tour for the CD will start (Sound Design II on OM Records).