Publication: LA Weekly

Article: Mark Grant with Marques Wyatt at Deep at 1650 (Formerly Vynyl)

Author: Derrick Mathis

Reference: Vol. 23 No. 37 / August 3-9, 2001 / Page 133



Circa 1997. Chicago, dead of winter. Worst snowstorm of the season. You're down to your last 10 bucks and depressed 'cause you don't get paid till Friday after next. But this Monday night at the Red Dog's Boom Boom Room costs $5 to get in, and that goddamn Mark Grant's gonna be on the decks. Been thinkin' about it all day. So, what do you do? Put on the layers, go stand in the freezin' ass snow in the line outside Red Dog, pay the fuckin' cover, creep up that dark, rickety stairway, and lose your mind in Grant's deep-house salvation. Three hours later, soaked in sweat, you take the other fiver and head over to the hotdog stand across the street and treat yourself to a cheeseburger special. You let out a great big belch after wolfing that down. Sucking your teeth and satisfied, you think to yourself, damn, life is good. Grant's bringing his hard-times antidote to Deep; and check out his new mix CD set, Sound Design, Vol. 2 (Om).