Publication: Chicago Social

Article: Scene In Chicago/One Way

Author: Leah Missbach and Kelly Kurtin

Reference: December 1998 pg. 118-120



Itís after-hours in the city on a Thursday night.   The last of the late-night party-goers wind through a narrow hallway and head down a steep flight of stairs.  Lost in the pool of darkness below, they know this is the beginning of something good.


One way, an exclusive dig at 440 N. Halsted St., has become a once-a-week ritual meeting place for club owners, leaders of the music industry or anybody else in the business of keeping a good secret.  And well-protected it is.  With access through a back alley, little outdoor signage and no advertising, this club is the closest Chicago comes to underground.


Itís a proper party tonight, as resident DJ Mark Grant keeps the crowd moving with superior house music.  On the dance floor, anything goes.  And if anyone stops grooving, itís to steal a glance at the man behind the turntables.  After all, heís the reason most of them came out tonight.