Publication: Millenium Magazine

Article: CIRCA 99’ - July 3, 1999

Author: Kahn

Reference: Issue 1/Vol 1



What do you say about an event with amazing rhythm confined with a sub-par venue?  After not seeing the newspaper the day after, we have been debating whether the headlines read, “Richie Hawtin rips it up Canadian Style” or, “Hawtin gets lost in the Shrine.”


Around tight turns and steep declines, Richie took the crowd on a ride via his two turn tables and 909,.  However, it as hard not to notice that the wizardry of the spell was lacking a vital ingredient.  Was it the sound system?  The echo?  Or both?  We will probably never know.  If only the sorcerer had a better showcase to spin his magic, what a night it could have been.  Combined with a lot of hype that turned out a sparse crowd (on the busiest weekend of the year), Circa 99’ fell short of expectations.


However, on a positive note, Mark Grant’s performance on Richie’s heels was an enlightening experience.  In a climate where mixing musical styles has been shunned, this was proof positive of the opposite.  After the driving of the 909 ended, Mark grounded the spirit with some funky House that perfectly complimented the soul.  Promoters take note!!.