Publication: URB

Article: House, Garage-Singles-The Chicago Connection

Author: Darlene Jackson

Reference: Issue No. 54 Page 86



From Chicago’s pre-eminent independent dance music label comes the definitive 12” of the year (so far anyway).  Here, producer/DJ Mark Grant (fresh off the success of his SubUrban release, “You Can Lift Me Up” featuring Donna Blakely) teams up with label owner/producer Cajmere for a clubland refresher course on what dancing is all about.  Grant snatches a few vocal samples, a bit o’ bassline and strings from Stephanie Mills’ classic disco hit, “Put your Body In It,” and lets the world know dancin’ is about being yourself in order to free yourself.  Unlike other pieces in the same genre, Grant manages to escape the chop shop, and gives an excellent demonstration on how to cut it up, yet keep it musical.  He even takes it that extra mile with filtered loops and pounding kick drum throughout, not to mention how well the edits are timed and arranged to give you nearly 10 minutes of that “just can’t stop” feeling.  Couple with Cajmere’s twisty little ditty, both sides are guaranteed to work your floors and your hearts.  So don’t say you weren’t warned – this is the lick.