Article: Mark Grantís Sound Advice-Sound Design V2

Author: Linda Laban

Reference: July 2001


The second in Om Records' mix series Sound Design finds producer/remixer/DJ Mark Grant doing the hard work for fans of the more eclectic, underground house and dance scenes. With his mix clocking in at just under 74 minutes, the suave Windy City deep house specialist tracks down those hard-to-find house numbers with a triple turntable attack, assembling his choices for an easy-going but vibrant club -- or carnival -- soundtrack.

Though certainly house-based, Grant's heady selection takes in horn-laden Latin and jacked-up funk, adds a breezy splash of light jazz here and there, and just enough vocal play to give either an ethereal soul touch, or a Solar-sound disco feel.


Wherever and whatever, though, the mood never dips from positive. Post-Chic deep bass drives Electrik Soul's "Supreme Soul Team Remixes" and Freak Sensation's futuristic, horn-inflected rumba, "Kickflip," which follows. Elsewhere, Grant makes direct interplay, uniting Inland Knight's playful, spacey dance track "Feel This Way" with Artist Formerly Known as Technique's more assertive rhythm feat, "Clear (Acapella)." Another cool line-up is Masters at Work's remix of Atmosfear's Latinesque, jazzy spree, "Dancing in Outer Space," segued with A Man Called Adam's equally vivacious "Que Tal America (Horn a Pella)."


Unlike many mix discs, with Sound Design Vol. 2, there's no build-up of passion and pace that gives way to ponderous ruminations; no pause for thought or places to chill. Much more even-keeled with an upbeat vibe -- from the opening, bare techno pulse of Kaskade's "What I Say" to the classic disco sound of the ending MAW remix of British vocal quintet the Pasadenas' "Round and Round" -- Grant keeps a keen eye on the road less traveled and his foot on the gas.