Article: Chicago stylee.-Mark Grant-Sound Design Volume 2-Om Records

Author: Lily Moayeri

Reference: July 30, 2001


Om Records’ propensity to come up with new, themed comp series seems never ending.  On the second in the Sound Design (the first was from Marques Wyatt), Chicago’s Mark Grant comes through shining for his productions on the trailblazing Cajual Records and the ever popular Guidance Recordings, Grant has also developed his DJing skills at his two weekly Chicago residencies Boom Boom Room and Pleasure Trip.  His talents are observed on Sound Design Vol. 2.  Leaning toward the soulful, jazz-inflected house style that is the focus of this series showcases his stand-out style of mixing that allows the tracks to play themselves over getting lost in the blend.  A very pleasant house concoction.