Article: Mark Grant-Sound Design 2-Om Records

Author: JH

Reference: July 2001



The follow up to the first Sound Design release by Marques Wyatt, Chicago DJ/Producer Mark Grant had completed a 74 minute, three turntable workout of underground house tracks and created what he says is the "prefect mix" of energetic jazzy and soulful style club tunes. Grant has a huge background to contribute into the making of this release having produced tracks for the Cajual label, a number of singles and remixes and mostly his DJ work that let him explore and define his sound which is heavy in uplifting melodies and globally intricate rhythms. While he may be a Chicago resident, Grant had seamlessly blended records with multi-national sounds from Detroit to Latin-America and recreated a flawless example of his club sets. If you enjoy house that encompasses styles from around the globe and heavy Latin rhythms, Sound Design 2 will more than fulfill your every need. -JH