Publication: Mixer

Article: Mark Grant-Sound Design Vol. 2 (Om)

Author: Orion Ray-Jones

Reference: September 2001


This second Sound Design comp from Om features the tremendous DJ skills of Chicago’s Mark Grant, who uses three turntables to mix 19 deep house cuts into 16 tracks onto the 74-minute disc.  His mixing skills border on the unbelievable, as the songs seamlessly blend into one another.  It is rare to find a compilation where a DJ’s skills come to the forefront, overshadowing the music showcased.  That said, the track selection is excellent, reading like a who’s who of deep house and featuring tunes from Mood II Swing, Inland Knights, Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler, Eddie Amador, Matthias “Matty” Heilbronn, and Atmosfear, to name just a few.  The only real problem with this great CD is that it lacks any of Grant’s own excellent productions.  As one of the premier producers for the now defunct Cajual Records, he recorded the huge tune “Dancin” as Chicago Connection.  Since, he has recorded with numerous labels, attracting a lot of attention for his great remixes of Glenn Underground’s “Fly With Me” on Guidance.  Nonetheless, this CD is a must have for any house lovers, and essential listening for any wannabe house DJs.  Whether as a DJ or producer, Grant is amongst the best in the biz.